My three tips for writing NaNoWriMo (or at least having a good time)

This month I’m writing the NaNoWriMo, or the National Novel Writing Month. A semi-contest challenging writers and amateur writers to complete a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I tried last year to complete this with not so good results. I learned some tips from last year that may help you with your novel this year.

My three tips for NaNoWriMo (or at least having a good time):

1: Write with friends!
Let your friends know, writer and non alike that you are writing a novel. It helps with support when you’re feeling like you can’t finish the challenge plus it’s fun. Plan a writing get together with just one friend or a few. Even go to the Write Ins at local libraries, universities and local bookstores. You can find the ones in your region at The key thing in completing this lovely project is environment, who you choose to be surrounded by is crucial. Do the folks you surround your self with support and respect the things you do? How do they make you feel about yourself? Great, not so good? Make sure the people in your inner circle make you feel good about yourself.

2. Know yourself
Either way you’re going to learn more about yourself by embarking upon this contest. It takes a lot from you to write 1,600 plus words a day for an entire month. Know how you learn, what time of day you write best at, whether or not you need to have food in your tummy. There is usually that one thing out there that will just flourish your mind. Find it out. It’s not too hard. After a week or so, patterns will start flowing out and bingo, you’re on the roll.

I learned I work best at night, on a full stomach and after a good pep-talk from a friend. The prospect of going to a write-in as well as writing with a friend this year makes me feel like I can actually finish this novel. I didn’t have the support last year making the task a bit lonely. I was also shy about the fact I wanted to write a novel. Even worse I felt, it was a Sci-Fi novel, inspired by the T.V. show Heroes with a mixture of Residential School. Who would accept me know?! My mind screamed. Which brings me to my third tip.

3. Take Risks
Keep the ideas coming, try things out you don’t think would truly work, take the risks anyways. You’ll never know what might make a good novel. Sometimes the simplest things do, sometimes the most eleborate things do. I no longer think my idea of writing a sci-fi novel set around youth with super powers who were being round-up by a non-super powered culture as something to be embarrassed about. It is an idea. It didn’t really work, mostly cause I never elaborated on it. Which reminds me of a fourth tip, bonus tip perhaps.

Bonus 4th – Take your ideas seriously
Breathe your idea, the one you choose to run with and marry it. It is your life now for the next 30 days. Make sure you know it well.

Anyways, I hope this helps you as much as it helped me. Now I want to know what you do to help you write. What methods help you out when writing?

– Cheyenne :)


2 responses to “My three tips for writing NaNoWriMo (or at least having a good time)

  1. I just want to wrap my arms around you and hug you, you little wincincala!!(young woman) I’m so proud of you!! LILILILILILI!!! keep it up!

  2. oops, I meant you wikoskilaka, young woman. I called you a little girl. which, clearly, you are not! :) xoxoxo

    I have quite a few friends up there in CA..if I get some readings up there, I will be sure to make contact with you! You are such a powerful life force, it would be an honor to meet you!

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